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Mediterranean Landscape Miyuki Earrings

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Take a step back into the Mediterranean Landscape with these gorgeous handwoven earrings made with beautiful Japanese Glass Seed Beads.

These high quality Earrings each have a unique pattern design and are ultra lightweight and smooth to touch making them very comfortable for everyday wear.

Their gorgeous unique design and style makes you feels like you are wearing miniature pieces of artwork.

Multicoloured Miyuki Glass Seed Beads


Approximate Weight: 5 g

Meet the Maker


Ozlem is 41 years old and has two beautiful daughters. She has been doing crafts for a long time and a has a passion for it. The foundation of her skills come from her grandmother teaching her when she was a child. Producing beautiful things and using her skills became a lifestyle for Ozlem.  She doesn’t like sitting idle, prefers learning new things and challenging herself everyday.

Apart from jewellery making, she is also doing wood painting, knitting and crocheting. She learned everything by herself devoting her free time to her art and studying others. Along with her hobbies Ozlem keeps busy being mum of her two girls. She feels lucky and proud to be able to earn some income from her skills.

Her amazing jewellery is definitely well worth checking out!

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