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Turquoise Pattern Rope Necklace & Bracelet

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Beautifully handcrafted this is a perfect set in beadzy’s range of Turkish Rope Necklaces & Rope Bracelets. 

Crocheted with thousands of turquoise and black coloured seed beads with magnetic clasp.

Approximate Weight: 45 g

Meet the Maker


Melek is married and has two sons and is living with her family in Turkey.

She started her journey of handcrafting 16 years ago when her husband was sent to a small town for work. She began crocheting to fill in her time, then went to few courses to help improve her skills and soon fell in love with making handmade jewellery. Melek is delighted to hear other people appreciate her work and wear her jewellery. “Creating something special for someone is so satisfactory. I love crocheting, you cannot do this just to earn money you have to love it.”

In her free time Melek enjoys spending time with her sons and loves a good coffee along with a nice book.

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