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Geometric Pattern Pink & Purple Rope Necklace

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The beadwork in this necklace is so incredibly detailed and crocheted in a beautiful geometric pattern.
It is a stand out piece in this collection, you will feel as though you are wearing a piece of Artwork! 

Crocheted with Pink & Purple Coloured Beads with a magnetic clasp.

Approx. 15x15x1cm Round - total Length 18 inch (46cm)

Approximate Weight: 50 g

Meet the Maker


Esma lives in Turkey and has always have been interested in art, aesthetic and loves being productive. In 2018 she decided to learn handcrafting and never looked back. She had a chance on focusing on her crafts once she took a break from her work and studies. “Crafting is very therapeutic and every human needs to feel that they are contributing and producing in order to feel in the circle of life. It gives me joy and purpose to be doing this.”
Creativity is big part of Esma’s life and she is proud of her work that comes from labor and love. She also loves making handbags and custom flowers along with her crochet work.

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